Based in Chester, Intilery was created so that businesses of any size could communicate with their customers in the most meaningful and ethical way and from the very beginning, the organisation has endeavoured to develop an ever-adapting platform which enables their clients to stay at the forefront of technology. The Intilery platform (a marketing and customer relationship management tool) helps deliver a completely customised experience for the end-user, which in turn enhances the overall experience. To encourage the continuous growth of their platform, Intilery decided to partner with Godel, whose people they believe have the experience necessary to further exceed.

Despite having never used a partner before, Intilery’s Co-Founder and CTO, Tom McMillen, knew exactly what he was looking for – “a partner that would meet my high expectations”, which he explains is a near-impossible task. Intilery began to explore the possibility of a partnership after investment from Maven in spring 2020. At the same time, Intilery moved away from bespoke pricing to a more accessible SaaS model, making it possible for customers to sign up online.

Tom continues “after a long process, we came down to two potential partners, but Godel’s professional and thorough approach made them the more favourable option. The team are fully integrated with ours and so understand, to the fullest, what it is that we’re working towards.”

With regards to the partnership so far, there has, of course, been no face-to-face contact. Nonetheless, the friendliness of Godel’s people has shone and there is a mutual respect between the teams and the value they add to the project. “We now have a team where each member is talented and can contribute to the wider team, all whilst working remotely. The Godel guys continue to ask relevant questions, as they have done from the very beginning, but the way they have gelled together with our internal team has been impressive.”

The project will see the Intilery platform transform into one which is much slicker, making it easier and quicker for the end-user to navigate. In doing this, it creates an optimised environment for increasing customer engagement and customer sign-ups. This will be a notable difference to the manual process currently in place, and the new features will help Intilery win their ideal clients.

Speaking on the acquisition of another new client, Paul Green, COO at Godel says “undoubtedly, onboarding clients during a pandemic has been a new experience, but we are of the utmost confidence that the team we have built with Intilery will together apply their knowledge and produce an outcome which will enhance both the usability of the platform, as well as the user’s experience”.