Independent software vendor iMeta has more than doubled its strategic nearshore product development team with Godel Technologies Europe to provide it with a flexible, competitive solution.

We’ve scaled up the nearshore product development team with GodelTech which allows us to remain competitive in our market place and provides us with a very flexible product development solution,” explains Nick Canfor, Operations Director, iMeta.

“The team is based in Europe but has spent time with the UK development team and is in constant contact each hour via state of the art video conferencing provided by GodelTech. The team also works to the same office hours as the UK, so there is continuity in everything we do and they are part of our extended team.

“The outsourced development team are experts in helping us create a cutting edge software product – Assassin, for leading financial institutions who manage standard settlement instruction information.

“Above all, strategic outsourcing is helping us remain competitive during recessional times whilst providing us with the flexibility to scale up whenever the need arises.”

Terry Bland, managing director, GodelTech said “In recessionary times its important for an independent software vendor like iMeta to be able to scale its expertise to meet changing demands in the market place – its this flexibility that makes outsourcing to GodelTech so appealing. “GodelTech delivers a model with a unique approach; high quality expertise, UK presence – the management team and associated operations are based in the UK – and use of high definition video conferencing for project communication. “We are large enough to deliver projects on this scale, but small enough to care passionately about our clients and every aspect of the work we carry out on their behalf.” GodelTech currently employs approaching 100 people across its offices in Manchester, UK and Europe.

Case Study – iMeta.