You can read the whitepaper, “How to Drive Success on your DevOps Roadmap”, here.

This whitepaper examines the key skills which make up a great DevOps engineer – technically as well as from a soft-skills perspective. Find out what we consider the top five skills to be, as well as what’s missing in the UK skills market regarding talented and experienced DevOps engineers.

How To Drive Success On Your DevOps Roadmap FI

Taking a DevOps-centric approach to software delivery has been proven time and again to deliver efficiencies across organisations’ technology roadmaps. However, embarking on a DevOps journey is a challenging process. We outline the key challenges in this whitepaper, along with ways organisations can tackle them.

Delve into three unique case studies to see how we have driven ROI through implementing DevOps strategies with market-leading UK organisations including Experian and

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