Lead Software Engineer Yuliya Maksimchyk has won Software Engineer of the Year at the Computing Women in IT Excellence Awards 2019 for her passion and determination in her profession. The award recognises Yuliya’s personal effort to become a software developer as well as her work in the Godel team.

Just seven years after starting out as a junior developer, she is leading the delivery of mission-critical technology projects at Godel. She brings her natural qualities into her role today – solving people and technology problems is her mission every day. She’s worn the hats of developer, tech lead, project co-ordinator and SCRUM master on projects, without ever forgetting what is important to the client.

From a technical perspective, she builds excellent user experiences by combining her front-end and back-end engineering skills into a full-stack role. Through Yuliya’s leadership and teamwork responsibilities she is an effective communicator, taking responsibility for aligning her team’s work with the client’s vision, helping shape roadmaps and drive innovation.

Yuliya and her team are partnered with Godel client Karhoo, the open mobility exchange, building highly responsive APIs in a microservices architecture. She is a full-stack developer, specialising in front-end development of the platform. By closely aligning both her own and her teams’ skills, communication and culture with Karhoo, she has helped in accelerating their global growth.

“Yuliya is a pleasure to work with, not only is she full of happy energy that permeates throughout the whole team but also she is an incredible talented engineer who is aligned to the business goals the team is working towards. Although based in Europe, the remote team operates efficiently and effectively without any lag in communication with her leadership. I would feel confident in her facing off with customers to ensure we meet their needs effectively as she conducts herself with dignity and professionalism” – Drew Murdoch, Delivery Manager, Karhoo.

Godel CTO Elena Polubochko nominated Yuliya Maksimchyk for this award. Elena said, “Yuliya is just brilliant. She is playing an instrumental role in this engagement leading on front-end development in the team. She is not afraid to challenge and suggest new solutions whilst always being calm and rational. She makes things happen in a world of ever-changing priorities and uncertainty- and I’m thrilled she’s won this award.”