We are proud that our Godel Technologies HQ is based in the heart of Manchester, a major city in the northwest of England which is known for its rich industrial heritage.

Ode to Manchester

Just like the Manchester worker bee, recognised for its hard work ethic and a hive of activity, Godel’s culture reflects the Manchester lifestyle.

Our location allows us to take in the best the city has to offer, from famous landmarks, a unique nightlife, and not to mention the Manchester Metrolink. Introduced in 1992, the Metrolink connects large parts of Greater Manchester with its impressive 99 stops along 65 miles of track, making it the most extensive light rail system in the UK.

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Godel’s Manchester Roots

Godel has been a first-hand witness of the tech-centric changes taking place in the region. One such change is the number of new enterprises making themselves at home in Manchester, which each have their own software development needs. Brands such as Sofology, AO.com and Rentalcars.com chose Godel as their software delivery partner, adding capacity into their existing Manchester-based teams.

Our Manchester presence enables Godel to be at the heart of the north’s thriving tech hub. We are amongst some of the fasted-paced tech businesses in the country and are proud to be in partnership with leading Manchester-based brands who share the same northern routes.

Neil McMurdo, CEO at Godel Technologies

We continue to be recognised in regional awards including the MEN Tech Awards, Northern Tech Awards, alongside national awards, having recently been shortlisted in this year’s National Technology Awards.

A tech hub region

Recently described as the UK’s Top Digital Tech City, Manchester paves the way in the north of England for digital business activity in the city-region and affordability, with business rates less than half those in London. Manchester’s thriving community is home to more than 10,000 digital and tech businesses, from start-ups and SMEs to global brands including Google and Amazon, which has just created 150 new jobs with and plans to move into a new warehouse in Greater Manchester.

Engineering the way

The city’s history of invention and innovation began over 250 years ago and is acknowledged as the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Since then, the city has been at the forefront of creating and shaping the future. The Manchester Baby, also called the Small-Scale Experimental Machine (SSEM), was the first electronic stored-program computer, pioneered by Sir Frederic Williams and Tom Kilburn at the University of Manchester in 1948.

Building on Alen Turing’s work of the Manchester Mark 1, one of the world’s earliest true computers, it paved the way for all today’s computers and continues to pioneer in areas such as eCommerce, cyber security, AI and data.