Godel Technologies will support Ortus Telematics’s strategic vision to create a data platform to support customers better.

Ortus Telematics specialise in providing Telematics for numerous blue light clients, among others, across the UK with Insight Telematics, Asset Monitoring and in-vehicle CCTV. This technology can also be implemented across a variety of mission critical sectors that require highly detailed telematics data.

To support business growth, Ortus Telematics are interested in modernising their infrastructure and technology to improve efficiency. In order to support their roadmap, the technology company considered a consultancy partner that would allow them to leverage the required expertise in designing and implementing complex data platforms. Dr J Rogel, Chief Innovation Officer at Ortus Group explains.

“Our initial goal was to modernise the company’s infrastructure and begin to consider new technologies that 5 years ago we weren’t even discussing. Recognising the specialist skills that a consultancy can bring, we looked for a partner who could identify what we needed to improve and implement whilst ensuring the project’s scalability, flexibility, and maintainability.

From our previous conversations with Godel, we knew they had a proven track record in data solutions and big data analytics, coupled with a good understanding of streaming technologies. Godel’s collaborative approach to the consultancy means they align with the project’s goals and what we are setting out to achieve, and we can leverage our own knowledge of our domain in emergency services and data management.”

Consultancy partnership for system planning and improvement

Dr J continues. “We have an existing system that works for our customers. Still, we understand that to continue growing our customer’s services in a more complex way, we need to identify what we can improve by updating legacy systems and data usage.

The consultancy by Godel will be an independent expert view on their current processes, coupled with the understanding of Ortus Telematics’s business goals and aspirations to provide us with a roadmap for the future. This will provide Ortus Telematics with an understanding of the platform’s scope, cost, scale and comparison of established technologies within Big Data, to ensure the platform is built correctly, creating a blueprint for the system’s future development.”

“Overall, I believe working with Godel will allow us to utilise an abundance of expertise and align the partnership with our business’s overall goals and objectives, resulting in a road map that lets us determine KPIs for operational efficiency, which is all crucial for our success.” said Dr J.

Gareth Ainsworth, CEO at Godel said: “A consultancy is the perfect opportunity for partners to leverage Godel’s expertise in the planning and implementation of new technologies, and we look forward to supporting Ortus Telematics in helping them to deliver their upcoming projects”.