GodelTech is delighted to be holding an exclusive roundtable discussion with CxO level professional’s in attendance to discuss the benefits of utilising offshore/nearshore service partners.

The event will take place at Daytona Motorsport Racing at Old Trafford, Manchester on Thursday, September 9th 2010, with registration at 9.30am.

The event will be followed by a chance to pit your driving wits against your peers in a GodelTech Grand Prix!

Covered within the ½ day session will be:

Independent IT Analyst, Russell Fry, discussing why organisations choose to outsource

Richard Fumarola, Chief Operations Officer at 2ergo plc, and Tony Dobson, Chief Technology Officer at Wax Digital, each speaking about:

  • Why they chose to outsource
  • How outsourcing was sold as a concept internally to their board and staff
  • The challenges they faced in outsourcing
  • The experiences they had with outsourcing to offshore companies prior to working with GodelTech
  • Their experience working with GodelTech

There will also be a question and answer session with Richard Fumarola, Tony Dobson and Terry Bland (MD, GodelTech).

Following the Q&A session, Simon Bilton (GodelTech’s Head of Professional Services for the UK and Elena Polubochko, GodelTech’s Operations Director) will explain GodelTech’s business model.

We’ll then have some lunch and the GodelTech Grand Prix will begin!