Godel has been chosen by Chess as its nearshore software development partner to help the organisation, which is one of the UK’s leading technology services providers, to bring its technology systems onto one consolidated platform.

Chess’s core in-house development team is based in Paisley, Scotland, and Alderley Edge in Cheshire, but Godel will work with a team in its Abingdon, Oxfordshire location. A body of work has recently been undertaken which will see six core systems across its locations brought under one platform, which in turn will improve experiences for Chess’ customers and its employees.

“We’re an expanding company with an ongoing mission to have all the respective branches and acquisitions working on one general system,” explains Ian McNamara, Head of Business Improvement at Chess.

“The requirement of Godel is to further consolidate legacy systems into one system that delivers a single version of truth for customers and internal stakeholders alike. It requires a body of development work for which finding the skills required at the time and in the numbers needed is a challenge.

“We chose to work with Godel to help us achieve our aims and we very much look forward to doing just that.”

Like many companies in the UK, the software development skills gap takes its toll on organisations that wish to digitise and scale rapidly to meet market demands. Godel is helping companies across the UK solve this problem with its agile and flexible teams of software experts.