Godel is excited to announce we have been shortlisted for ‘Outsourcing Company of the Year’ at the National Technology Awards 2021.

Organised by National Technology News, the National Technology Awards is the most comprehensive celebration of technology in the year, designed to celebrate the pioneers of technology and encourage excellence.

As a leading nearshore software development company, headquartered in Manchester with multiple locations across Europe, Godel work hard to uphold the reputation they are known for.

We are in partnership with some of the UK’s leading household names and technology companies to scale their software development capabilities. Business is won from a network of positive referrals, as Godel has built a strong reputation in the software delivery market, for its quality, flexibility and dedication to agile.

The 4th annual awards are due to take place at the London Marriott Hotel on September 29, 2021, where the winners will be announced. Winning entries come from those companies and organisations who have made outstanding technological contributions across a variety of sectors.