Godel has thrown weight behind both its Python and Go programming teams in line with increasing demand from the market place for both. Python is currently #2 and Go is #4 on GitHub. Go is cross-platform, cloud native and currently one of the fastest growing programming languages at present due to its speed, simplicity and reliability.

The languages are in greater demand because they are simple, comprehensible and powerful – everything is assembled into one executable file – and are strict to the discipline of writing code. They are also increasingly favoured by developers in the creation of microservices and moving legacy applications to the cloud.

Both languages have become increasingly main stream as ‘general purpose’ providing software developers with a rich internal library that allows them to write anything required in either language.

“Staying ahead of market demands is something our developers maintain in order to stay relevant to the market place,” explains Paul Green, Chief Commercial Officer at Godel.

“We’ve seen increased demand for both Python and Go from our clients and prospects and it’s something we’re committed to delivering long term – hence scaling our skills in both.”

Go offers CTO’s the following benefits:

• It’s cross-platform, so you can target an operating system of your choice when compiling a piece of code.
• It offers a native concurrency model that is unlike most mainstream programming languages.
• It has a fairly mature package of its own.
• Its code typically compiles to a single native binary, which basically makes deploying an application written in Go as easy as copying the application file to the destination server.
• It’s also being rapidly being adopted as the go-to cloud native language and by leading projects like Docker and Ethereum.
If you’d like to know more please contact Paul Green or ring 0161 219 8100.