James Mancz, Head of Software Development at Feefo, explains the ways in which Godel has helped their development team. Their headquarters are uniquely on a dairy farm in a rural area, which has its benefits but also means that finding software talent has been difficult – a problem which Godel has the solution for.

Feefo is an online customer review platform, which allows consumers to review businesses and provides their insight to said businesses. The service benefits consumers by allowing them to make better purchasing decisions, and allows businesses to react to consumer reports. They have thousands of clients, and it is a fast-paced, ambitious business which has a focus on keeping its software technology up to date.

James Mancz said, “When I joined Feefo in December 2014, it was quite obvious that we had a big conflict between the resources we had and the plan of features we wanted to add.”. What did Godel bring to Feefo? How does the relationship between the teams work? Watch the video testimonial now to find out, or visit http://www.godeltech.com/online-tech/case-study/feefo/ for the full case study.