Last week, an event was held at the Museum of the City of Łódź in the Poznański Palace which hosted representatives of 29 companies from the third largest city in Poland, summarising the year in business.

Godel is delighted to be awarded for contributions to employment growth in 2021. The award was presented to Godel by Deputy Mayor of the City of Lodz, Adam Pustelnik which was proudly accepted by Sylwia Skorupka, Sr. TA Manager at Godel, Łódź.

There was also an opportunity to listen to the summary of the City’s activities in 2021 presented by Adam Brzostowski, Director of Business Development and International Relations Bureau at the City of Łódź Office.

Godel opened its first polish location in April 2021 in Łódź and has grown considerably in the short space of time to over 150 engineers, making Godel a key player in an already established development community in the city.

It was also recently announced that Godel has opened a second Polish development centre in Wroclaw, with a plan to grow Godel’s reputation in Poland further which will see more employment opportunities develop over time.

This award recognises the contributions we have made to employment growth in Łódź. We have many exciting plans for the upcoming year, and we will further support and proudly promote work in our region as we continue to scale. I am so thankful for the support from the Townhall and the community. –  Sylwia Skorupka, Sr. TA Manager at Godel.