AgriFood Tech business Muddy Boots has hired software development partner Godel to deliver a consolidated cross-platform mobile strategy built on Microsoft’s Xamarin technology. Godel will help engineer a single mobile solution for Android, iOS and Windows, allowing Muddy Boots to retire legacy applications and scale its business across new markets.Muddy Boots, headquartered in Herefordshire UK, provides cloud-based SaaS solutions that allows data to pass up and down the supply chain, enabling customers from farm to retailer businesses to view, manage and report on the quality, traceability and compliance of their products, sites and suppliers. It has captured over 19 million checks for customers in quality control on products and/or facilities and expects this to exponentially increase as the company grows.

“We’re growing rapidly internationally and the relationship with Godel provides a dedicated resource to deliver our strategy across all three mobile platforms – ultimately making it easier to distribute our cloud offering,” explains Jez Pile, Chief Technical Officer at Muddy Boots.

“Previously working across multiple platforms made distributing and supporting our products harder to do. Building the mobile solution in Xamarin will not only help deliver choice of device to our customers but also help open up developing markets for Muddy Boots.

“We currently work in 64 countries, so being able to deliver across all platforms (including Android), allows us to work on larger implementations at a much-reduced cost.”

Like many companies facing the challenge of rapidly scaling a digital business, the key for Muddy Boots is to get enough traction in terms of software development skills to be able to deliver the project whilst maintaining ‘business as usual’.

“Thanks to Godel’s skills engineering applications in Xamarin, we’ve taken our first steps to delivering our mobile strategy for the future – levelling the playing field in terms of the platforms we offer and delivering increased functionality for customers,” explains Jez Pile.

“What makes Godel unique is the transparency they’ve shown throughout the process, allowing us access to their client base for referencability and to ask questions, making us feel part of their team going forwards. I look forward to working with the company to deliver mobile functionality for customers globally.”