Since 2016 nearshore software delivery partner Godel has been working with online car rental platform They are a market leader in the online car rental sector, providing customers and suppliers alike with a unified digital booking experience. By working with Godel, they have delivered innovations across multiple areas of their product suite including end-to-end delivery of a scalable Marketplace platform.

Recently, one of’s dedicated Godel cross-functional teams has reached another major milestone on their mission-critical platform rebranding project. The project’s objective is to enhance the user experience for the client’s car booking customers, which customers worldwide recognise when using their suite of services.

Working as a single collaborative team ensures that a consistent customer experience remains top priority when delivering software. Godel’s developers are completely in sync with’s product owner, UX designer and data analyst team members. The team has balanced responsibility for putting forward innovations on project delivery. They work together on quarterly sessions to shape the project roadmap, conduct frequent team meetings and have daily stand-ups via HD video conference. With these collaborative techniques in place, everybody contributes valuable ideas.

This agility has powered the team to deliver significant results in just eight months. This reflects the wider partnership’s speed of delivery. Each Godel team working with is agile to the core; Godel adapts processes to fit the client’s requirements and the teams are in constant communication with one another via Slack, Jira, video conferencing and regular business trips between Manchester and Europe.

“I’ve been working with the Godel team for almost a year and what a journey it has been! I can honestly say that my team contains some of the nicest, most hard-working and dedicated people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They live our company’s values of straight talking and getting stuff done, they challenge decisions if they think there’s a better way to do things and they’re very eager to learn. Of course, managing a product when most of your team is in a different country comes with its own challenges, but over time, through stand-ups, retros, team meetings, planning sessions and team trips we’ve overcome these.” explains Oliver Palenik, Product Owner,

There is no sense of isolation on this project; the partnered team is integrated closely with other product teams; all working towards the same customer experience goals. The project is part of the wider company’s goal of building a great worldwide experience for its customers. Now, customers can plan their entire holiday – including car rental – on one platform, reducing complexity and increasing the global reach of the cars booking platform.

Senior Engineering Manager at, Andrew MacGilvery, said, “My experience of working with the team from Godel over the last 12 months has been very positive. The team has adapted to our ways of working, being flexible on their working arrangements, taking ownership of their product and they have an obvious pride in their work. The team have consistently delivered successful experiments to our customers that make their lives easier, save them time and make our product more delightful to use. At the same time as delivering customer benefit, the changes that they delivered are reducing the cost of managing customer bookings for customers, empowering our customers and reducing the need to call us for assistance.”