Godel has signed up to be a Digital Futures Ambassador for the trade body for digital businesses in the region – Manchester Digital. The programme will endeavour to equip young people with the relevant skills required in a region that is rapidly expanding its tech sector.

The Manchester Digital campaign follows research showing that Greater Manchester’s digital and creative sector will require at least 22,000 additional roles by 2035 in order to sustain itself. Businesses in the region will help bridge the skills gap by encouraging more young people to follow a digital career, providing guidance in how to achieve such an aim.

The hope is that progressive businesses in the region can help plug the skills gap by working closely with educators to develop a curriculum that delivers what industry is looking for outside of the college gates – making it relevant to its needs and providing input to help educate the next generation of digital workers.

Emma Grant, Talent & Skills Manager at Manchester Digital said: “Manchester Digital is thrilled to have Godel Technologies on board as Digital Futures Ambassadors. The commitment of forward-thinking organisations like Godel Technologies will help to provide the industry insight and guidance needed to get the next generation of young people excited about our dynamic industry. We are really looking forward to working with them.”

Neil McMurdo, CEO of Godel said: “Working together with education, the regions businesses hold the key to delivering more of what the city needs in terms of digital workers.

“There’s no one solution to the problem but being a business that helps clients deliver software development we’re uniquely placed to understand the challenges of the region – not just the businesses in it. We’re thrilled to be able to provide that knowledge and play a part in being an ambassador.”