Godel has been chosen by premium lifestyle website Secretsales.com to provide nearshore software development expertise. The Godel team will work closely with the in-house software development team at Secretsales.com to grow it in size and expertise.

“There’s a lot of legacy architecture that needs modernisation so we can scale and grow rapidly with the demand in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market place – we need software development talent that is skilled enough to help us achieve our goals,” explains Krystian Galutowski, CTO, Secretsales.com.

“We very much see Godel as an extension of our in-house team – but based nearshore in Europe – although our communication channels between both locations are very strong.”

The company went through a management buyout at the end of March and is transforming itself into an increasingly aspirational brand whilst creating new features on the website to integrate with the brand names it sells.
“With Godel’s development skills to augment our team we can make the shopping experience easier for both our suppliers and our customers – Q4 is an exceptionally busy time for us with Christmas looming large, but we are dedicated to making the changes necessary to make the process much simpler.”

Paul Green, chief commercial officer at Godel said: “We work with many online retailers and understand the pressures of the market place in terms of user experience and speed of delivery and how the technology has to work behind the scenes.

“By augmenting the in-house team with our nearshored software engineers, the skills and expertise required to move from legacy applications to the cloud is shared and the process of digitisation and change can be brought about much faster – we’re really looking forward to working together.”