Having been with Godel for just over a year now, I am fortunate enough to find myself as our company’s Head of Innovation. I largely believe that this is down to the support from the wider Godel team that I have received, which has encouraged me to take on additional responsibilities. Of course, I have made some mistakes during this time, but Godel’s blameless culture means my mistakes are simply treated as learning curves, which have contributed to the development of my skills and furthermore, my career. The culmination of all of this has meant that I can help Godel be at the forefront of change, helping people from each division at Godel to think and work innovatively.

I speak on behalf of Godel’s innovation team when I say it is our responsibility to combine our existing knowledge, expertise and experiences to implement a plethora of new ideas. By doing this, and pushing out these ideas throughout the teams, we become innovative in other areas as well. This adds value for our clients, and in return we gain trust from them, which of course is great for our B2B relationships as well as our staff morale. I must give my thanks to our VP of Engineering in .Net; Victor Nekrasov as well as our CTO Elena Polubochko, who have each shown us that a working environment can be different and disruptive. They have encouraged us to ‘think outside of the box’, which also demonstrates Godel’s trust in its developers, that they will get the job done in the best way they can.

For years, Godel has been at the top of their game in terms of agile delivery processes, but it’s much harder to stay at the forefront of technologies as they are continuously change. I have a responsibility to support the company by driving innovative ideas, which will enable Godel to reach its mission: to become the most respected nearshore software development company in Europe. To achieve this, my priority going forward is to encourage collaborative innovation between all teams at Godel, which is more challenging than usual at the moment thanks to Covid-19. By doing this, it means our teams will be more diverse, therefore meaning a more diverse mindset, which results in an increased chance of new ideas being brought forward.

As Head of Innovation, my goal is to develop a consultancy model, where our employees are nurtured in a way that they become confident to not only come up with new ideas, but to also help implement them. To do this, we must ensure our team, as well as our partners’ teams continue to be empowering, education focused, product focused, and willing to accept innovation, which is a result of freedom of mind.

A challenge of this is that team members don’t always adapt easily to having freedom to innovate, instead they prefer a more structured plan. It can also be challenging to help people, both on Godel and client sides, to understand why we must be innovative in our work, whilst working towards business goals. Additionally, since taking on this new role, it means I am now balancing multiple roles and responsibilities, which is a challenge in itself. You might wonder how I manage this… It goes without saying that I’ve taken an innovative approach towards this; breaking down days and dividing time between the various roles to minimise context switching.