FDB, a provider of drug knowledge that helps healthcare professionals make precise decisions, has chosen Godel to supplement its in-house development teams to help deliver its software roadmap potential. The company will use the development skills of Godel’s nearshore software engineers based in Europe to augment the talent it already has in the UK.

“Over the last couple of years, we’ve wanted to invest more in our software roadmap but haven’t always been able to flex up our in-house development team in Exeter as finding experienced software developers is often challenging,” explains Andy Collyer, head of IT & software, FDB.

“There’s an ever-growing list of things we want to do and have the investment to fund but we need more ‘fire power’ to achieve it – so we’ve chosen to work with Godel to fulfil our potential and ramp up our development talent.”

Godel will augment FDB’s in-house team working closely together to deliver new product features that customers are increasingly demanding.

“Godel will help us to deliver what our customers want in terms of both product and user experience much faster, more efficiently and in keeping with best practice, governance and costs,” said Andy Collyer.

“We’ve chosen Godel because the evidence is overwhelming that as an organisation it has good cultural alignment with us and works in close partnership with customers to achieve their business goals – it’s a great fit. I’m confident that with Godel on board we can achieve our product roadmap as fast and effectively as possible.”

Paul Green, chief commercial officer, Godel said: “We’ve seen an increasing number of UK organisations that have funding they want to invest in their software development roadmaps but can’t spend due to a lack of talent to employ.

“Nearshoring means that in FDB’s case, it will be able to deliver on its requirements, hit key points on its product roadmap and ultimately help its customers to deliver the better patient outcomes they aim to achieve – I’m excited to get to work with them.”