With a goal to revolutionise the healthcare industry, Definition Health has partnered with Godel to accelerate their product roadmap.

Together with a team of 10 NHS consultants and expert software developers, Definition Health was founded in 2018 with the primary aim to improve outcomes and enhance patient experience.

Looking to extend the capabilities of its product in the UK and beyond, the digital health company looked for a partner that could bring additional resource to its existing engineering team, as Nick Finch, Chief Technology Officer at Definition Health Explains.

“Our increasing desire to improve efficiency for patients and hospital users meant we required a partner that would provide us with the tools to grow and bolster the team in a scalable way. Having worked with Godel at a previous business, I was already aware of the success of having an integrated team which enables us to create an extension of our engineering team rather than outsourcing the work and responsibility.

Our products are focused on streamlining and optimising the peri-operative surgical pathway and capturing the necessary data for patients and hospital users. The Godel team will be helping to accelerate our ambitious roadmap of features which includes helping to optimise and build efficiencies in how data is managed for the patients from surgery through to post-surgery. This will allow us to optimise the patient experience, driving safer and more efficient surgical care whilst improving surgical outcomes.”

Nick continues, “Adopting an agile approach in our work means having a long-term partner that moves with us – eventually creating a relationship where Godel is integrated as part of the team. It is important that we can both learn from each other and grow together to reach our goals. We believe partnering with Godel will bring overall success to Definition Health as we look to accelerate the delivery of our pipeline.”

Paul Green, CCO at Godel said: “We look forward to adding the necessary resources for Definition Health and support with adding capabilities to their products. This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of an exciting and growing team and I look forward to seeing what we will achieve as a partnership.”