Manchester based leading provider of Google and Google Apps for Business Solutions, Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS) have signed a long term contract in excess of £100,000 with leading nearshore software development company Godel.

This deal follows a successful initial pilot of Godel’s nearshore extended development team model which sees CTS utilising resources such as Business Analysts, Software Developers and QA engineers to drive its Google and cloud propositions product set forward.

CTS is one of Europe’s leading Google enterprise partners, having helped over two million users across the globe to leverage the business advantages of Google Apps as well as offer clients the benefits of its own products which include CloudMigrator and CloudPages.

James Doggart, CEO at Cloud Technology Solutions commented, “Over recent years changes in working practices have necessitated a more flexible way of providing access to critical IT resources. The ability to be able to use applications such as email, spreadsheets and word processing from any device anywhere is now the norm – and with this comes bigger strains and responsibilities on IT departments. Our offerings around Google Apps and our own cloud products such as Cloudmigrator and Cloudpages are seeing us make huge strides in the market and establishing ourselves as the go-to company for Google related services. 

“We needed to identify a software delivery partner who could provide us with high-quality resources that could integrate seamlessly with our own development team. Our in-house team’s technical competence is second to none and after working alongside our Godel team for the pilot, we quickly understood that the capabilities of our new extended development team, working hand in hand with our own in-house team would enable CTS as a company to move forward with our exciting product releases.”

Godel provide clients in the UK with extended software development teams and extended quality assurance teams, which are fronted with Business Analysts, Scrum Masters or Project Managers.

Independent Software vendors like CTS contribute over 50% of Godel’s customer base, with the company being chosen because of its ability to provide these organisations with strong technical skills.

Neil Turvin, CEO at Godel explains what this means for both companies,
“This is a fantastic partnership between two Manchester-based companies. This long-term contract with Cloud Technology Solutions demonstrates the quality of our work and reliability as a partner.  CTS are going places and are well regarded in the Google market for their expertise. For Godel to be chosen to work with CTS because of our strong technical competence speaks volumes.”

Godel recently organised an IT Leaders thought leadership event with presenters from and Spotify presenting their experiences and methods of recruiting, retaining and empowering IT Talent.