Compleat Software, the spend management technology platform, has chosen to work with nearshore software development partner Godel to bring to market a mobile application for its partners and customers. Thanks to the experience of its mobile developers, Godel has been retained to deliver the project in its entirety leaving Compleat’s in-house development team to focus on business as usual work.

Compleat Software, whose in-house team is based in Norwich, Norfolk faces a challenge to find the talent to recruit internally at the speed that it’s required to keep pace with its marketplace and bring its product to market quickly. The company chose to look for a nearshore partnership to deliver the skills it required to do the job.

Mark Blakemore, CFO of Compleat Software explains: “We are a technology company, so we’re totally dependent upon the quality of the development work on our products – it has to be the right product, at the right time and with the right functionality for us to be a market leader. We simply can’t hire internally at the rate we needed in order to get mobile functionality out to the market – and so we looked for a nearshore solution and chose Godel.

“I have worked with nearshore developers before, it was the right solution for Compleat and it was clear that Godel has the level of expertise – most crucially in mobile development work, that we need to bring a quality application to market quickly.”

Compleat’s AI and Machine Learning solutions, iCompleat and eCompleat, provide SMBs and large enterprises with touchless, end-to-end invoice processing to help reduce the administrative touch points that slow businesses down and hinder growth. The customisable and self-service software presents an accurate, real-time and complete view of company finances across finance departments, procurement teams and budget holders. Delivering a mobile application for remote workers is part of the company’s strategy.

“We recognise that mobile is the way forward for remote ways of working but ramping up development work internally would have taken six months and been cost prohibitive – which is time and expense we simply can’t afford. Working with Godel we can get the mobile app to market faster in the UK and internationally and keep our customers happy,” concludes Mark Blakemore.

Paul Green, chief commercial officer at Godel said: “The skills gap is country-wide no matter whether an organisation is rural or in the heart of a city. With a development centre based in Norwich, Compleat faces many of the same challenges our clients have finding the right skills in the right quantity at the right time. I’m thrilled we can help.”