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The Concept of AWS Landing Zone

Sergey Suhinin is a DevOps Engineer at Godel. He recently ran a webinar about AWS Landing Zone for the B.E.E.R forum, dedicated to System Engineer’s Day. He discussed the concept of AWS Landing Zone and how users can quickly and securely deploy an AWS multi-account environment.

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Azure Functions to the Rescue.

Pavel Haletski is a Senior Software Engineer at Godel, specialising in Microsoft technologies and cloud computing. He recently ran a webinar for the Godel team about the value of serverless computing in Azure, and specifically Azure Functions – what they are, the challenges they solve and how to use them. He also ran a discussion,… Continue reading Azure Functions to the Rescue.

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DevOps & Distributed Teams – How Godel’s DevOps Division Works Remotely

Sergey, you’re heading up one of Godel’s core technology departments. Can you tell us more about what the DevOps division is responsible for? Our division is now at around 35 people, working across more than 10 Godel clients. Our DevOps engineers form part of larger software engineering teams that work with our clients, but they’re… Continue reading DevOps & Distributed Teams – How Godel’s DevOps Division Works Remotely

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AWS Optimisation

Recently we wrote an article about some of the best and simplest ways to reduce cloud spending – you can read it here. Our software engineering teams that work on cloud-based architectures strive to apply measures that cut spending without damaging performance. One case was particularly effective – a Godel data engineering team has applied… Continue reading AWS Optimisation

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September saw Godel’s DevOps division host a discussion on the topic of devops/platform engineering certifications; what they are, and the value which achieving them adds for platform engineers. This article explores this topic, together with their Head of DevOps Sergey Sverchkov.

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Modern CI/CD Practices

The two elements of CI/CD – continuous integration and continuous delivery – are about achieving a short and regular release cycle by frequently releasing code to a main branch. CI/CD keeps software delivery agile, promotes innovation and cuts through the risks of monolithic delivery.   With CI/CD practices, the development team’s routine tasks will be automated… Continue reading Modern CI/CD Practices

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The Differences Between DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering

To draw a line between DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering does not make much sense, because one derives its purpose from the other. Each process evolved independently as a means to similar ends: ways to provision highly reliable systems.

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The Two Waves Toward Cutting Costs In The Cloud: Part One.

Drawing an overall cost-comparison between cloud computing and on-premise datacentres requires looking at many factors to find a black-and-white conclusion.

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2020 DevOps Predictions.

Reflections and predictions on how DevOps will evolve in 2020, by Godel’s DevOps division. 1. What have been the drivers for adoption and evolution in DevOps over the last decade?

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(Whitepaper) How to Drive Success on your DevOps Roadmap

You can read the whitepaper, “How to Drive Success on your DevOps Roadmap”, here. This whitepaper examines the key skills which make up a great DevOps engineer

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