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Godel to Support Ortus Telematics in Platform Modernisation

Godel Technologies will support Ortus Telematics’s strategic vision to create a data platform to support customers better. Ortus Telematics specialise in providing Telematics for numerous blue light clients, among others, across the UK with Insight Telematics, Asset Monitoring and in-vehicle CCTV. This technology can also be implemented across a variety of mission critical sectors that require… Continue reading Godel to Support Ortus Telematics in Platform Modernisation

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Inside Data Consultancy: Exploring Experience and Insights

How does Data expertise contribute to Consultancy? Iryna Shuppo: Data continues to lead in the digital world today driving decision-making, innovation, and competitive advantage. Our partners recognise the importance of utilising data effectively to stay ahead in the market.   Given this tendency, we saw a compelling opportunity to integrate data expertise into our Consultancy service… Continue reading Inside Data Consultancy: Exploring Experience and Insights

By Iryna Shuppo, Head of Consultancy, Siarhei Oshyn, Head of Data & Valiantsin Shkvarko, Data Architect

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Business Consultancy in Person

In a previous article, we introduced you to Product expertise in Consultancy. Today, we invite you to explore the details of a Product Owner/ Product Manager’s daily life in Consultancy. Join Palina Haidukevich, our expert at Godel, as she shares insights into the Consultant’s journey, highlighting both the day-to-day experiences and challenges faced in person. Can you… Continue reading Business Consultancy in Person

By Palina Haidukevich, Consultancy Expert, Lead BA

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Product Impact in Consultancy

When we developed our consultancy services at Godel, it became clear that having Product Management and Product Owner expertise is essential for nearly all the requests we currently receive. It all started with the involvement in technical requests and has evolved into a separate service under Product expertise. Let’s have a closer look at how… Continue reading Product Impact in Consultancy

By Natalli Krechick, Head of Consultancy in BA, Principal BA

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Data: How To Understand Your Client

What is Data?  Data refers to any piece of information or facts that can be collected, recorded, stored, and processed. Data is essential for understanding and making informed decisions in various fields, including science, technology, business, research, and everyday life.  To make sense of data, it often needs to be processed, analysed, and visualised to… Continue reading Data: How To Understand Your Client

By Siarhei Oshyn, Head of Data

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MGS partnership with Godel helps to shape customer experience product roadmap

MGS use advanced data integrations to deliver truly best-in-class automotive solutions, helping dealers, OEMs, and mobility providers to optimise sales and aftersales performance, sustainably boosting retention and profitability. They provide specialist automotive support to optimise every aspect of the customer journey, with seamless integration of solutions across data management, cleansing, predictive marketing, lead prioritisation and… Continue reading MGS partnership with Godel helps to shape customer experience product roadmap

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