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Business Consultancy in Person

In a previous article, we introduced you to Product expertise in Consultancy. Today, we invite you to explore the details of a Product Owner/ Product Manager’s daily life in Consultancy. Join Palina Haidukevich, our expert at Godel, as she shares insights into the Consultant’s journey, highlighting both the day-to-day experiences and challenges faced in person. Can you… Continue reading Business Consultancy in Person

By Palina Haidukevich, Consultancy Expert, Lead BA

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Product Impact in Consultancy

When we developed our consultancy services at Godel, it became clear that having Product Management and Product Owner expertise is essential for nearly all the requests we currently receive. It all started with the involvement in technical requests and has evolved into a separate service under Product expertise. Let’s have a closer look at how… Continue reading Product Impact in Consultancy

By Natalli Krechick, Head of Consultancy in BA, Principal BA

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2024 Business Analysis Predictions

Reflections and predictions on how technology trends will drive the role of Business Analysis in 2024, by Dmitri Maklakov, Head of BA at Godel Technologies. What trends did you notice over the past year in Business Analysis? We noticed several trends concerning BA’s side throughout the past year, and I will stop on the biggest… Continue reading 2024 Business Analysis Predictions

By Dmitri Maklakov, Head of BA

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My Journey to Head of Business Analysis at Godel

Dmitri Maklakov is Head of Business Analysis at Godel. We recently sat down with Dmitri to talk about his interesting journey to Head of BA, the division’s plans over the next 12 months, and to get to know him a little better.

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Q&A With Godel’s new Head of Talent Management, Dmitri Maklakov

Godel has doubled its headcount year-on-year for over five years, having reached over 1,000 FTEs in 2019. It is providing software engineering teams to a growing client base, but such growth presents risk to the company’s number one priority: to maintain its reputation for quality as it scales. Since Godel’s people are an integral factor… Continue reading Q&A With Godel’s new Head of Talent Management, Dmitri Maklakov

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Day in the life of a Business Analyst

Anastassia Davidzenka, our VP of Professional Services talks to us about what “a day in her shoes” is actually like.

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