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(Whitepaper) The Culture of Quality

You can read the whitepaper, The Culture of Quality, here. Twenty years ago, the world of quality management in software engineering was very different to today. At this point in time the clear definition of agile was still being formed, and many teams were used to a rigid approach to software engineering where ‘testing’ was… Continue reading (Whitepaper) The Culture of Quality

By Godel Technologies QM Division

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(Whitepaper) 8 Challenges of Building High Performing Software Engineering Teams

You can read the whitepaper, 8 Challenges of Building High Performing Software Engineering Teams, here. Delivering software on time is a priority for companies all over the UK.

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Godel and Karhoo Partnership Case Study

“Godel was chosen to support Karhoo to scale up their technical operations as they proved to be extremely technically competent and aligned to our agile way of working.”  – Bill Wilkins, CTO, Karhoo.

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(Whitepaper) Building Market-Leading Mobile Apps

You can read the whitepaper, “Building Market Leading Mobile Apps”, here. Mobile application development is a challenging feat – especially when delivering a product from scratch. There are dozens of approaches to development,

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(Whitepaper) The Product Mindset Philosophy

You can read the whitepaper, “The Product Mindset Philosophy”, here. Software engineering culture is so much more than simply writing good code. Ultimately software must deliver on the company’s goals and drive revenues

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(Whitepaper) How to Drive Success on your DevOps Roadmap

You can read the whitepaper, “How to Drive Success on your DevOps Roadmap”, here. This whitepaper examines the key skills which make up a great DevOps engineer

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Bridging the tech skills gap

How can you stop the digital skills gap stifling your company’s growth? Our latest whitepaper, Bridging the tech skills gap, answers this question.

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(Whitepaper) Avoiding Grey Clouds: Open Source Microservices

You can read the whitepaper, “Avoiding Grey Clouds: Open Source Microservices.”, here. Would you like to know more about how open source microservices development is helping public cloud platform vendors differentiate their offerings?

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Godel reduces QA testing times for OEC company Clifford Thames by a factor of 24

Clifford Thames, an OEC company, sits at the heart of the global automotive aftermarket.  It has an expanding portfolio of web-based platforms that are used throughout the automotive industry. They create and manage the data needed to repair and maintain vehicles for manufacturers, repairers, leasing and fleet companies and their partners.

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Why do clients choose to outsource?

After extensive research with clients, ISVs and partners, we have produced a mini-whitepaper which outlines why our clients have chosen to outsource elements of development to offshore/nearshore providers; the challenges they have faced previously and the reason why the GodelTech model works for them. The whitepaper covers: - What is offshoring? - Benefits of offshoring - Potential problems of offshoring - Why the Gödel approach is different? - Conclusion - What our clients have to say?

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