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Prompt Engineering: Classification of Techniques and Prompt Tuning

Being an emerging field of study prompt engineering lacks definitive classification of techniques. When you look through different articles and websites discussing these techniques, you’ll find that they vary and lack structure. As a result of this mess, practitioners often stick to the simplest approaches. In this article I propose an overview and a clear… Continue reading Prompt Engineering: Classification of Techniques and Prompt Tuning

By Katsiaryna Ruksha, Lead Data Scientist

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How are IT Leaders Leveraging Nearshore to Embrace New Innovations?

In today’s rapidly evolving world, new technology will come and go, with some changing the technical landscape forever – just look at my previous blog about AI and how the growing phenomenon is dominating boardroom conversations. So, whenever a new tech breakthrough happens, we need the skill set within a business that can help deliver… Continue reading How are IT Leaders Leveraging Nearshore to Embrace New Innovations?

By Jack Albrecht, Senior Client Director

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Unveiled

Navigating Real-world Challenges and Opportunities in Our Journey The modern world demands highly efficient solutions, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) promises to be the cost-effective answer to these challenges. In this article, we will share our immersion into the world of OCI, starting with the initial idea of the research, progressing through a real-world use case, and providing an overview… Continue reading Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Unveiled

By Maryia Lepskaya, Java Software Engineer, Maxim Bondarev, Java Software Engineer, Yauheni Anushchanka, Sr. Java Software Engineer and Uladzimir Novikau, Java Software Engineer

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Are we in an AI state of mind?

AI, machine learning, computational intelligence – whatever the synonym, artificial intelligence has been dominating the headlines, with every click you won’t be far from the latest trends, predictions and buzzwords about AI, making it one of the most exciting technology trends in the last 10 years. The AI market is currently valued at over $196 billion,… Continue reading Are we in an AI state of mind?

By Jack Albrecht, Senior Client Director

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Inside Data Consultancy: Exploring Experience and Insights

How does Data expertise contribute to Consultancy? Iryna Shuppo: Data continues to lead in the digital world today driving decision-making, innovation, and competitive advantage. Our partners recognise the importance of utilising data effectively to stay ahead in the market.   Given this tendency, we saw a compelling opportunity to integrate data expertise into our Consultancy service… Continue reading Inside Data Consultancy: Exploring Experience and Insights

By Iryna Shuppo, Head of Consultancy, Siarhei Oshyn, Head of Data & Valiantsin Shkvarko, Data Architect

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Adapting to the Shifting Technical Landscape

Aliaksandr Haurylau is a Senior Software Engineer in the Java division at Godel, with strong technical expertise and a keen interest in looking into how technology is evolving. During his time at Godel, Aliaksandr has been an invaluable member of the Java team, demonstrating his vast understanding of the innovative landscape, and working closely with Pre-Sales… Continue reading Adapting to the Shifting Technical Landscape

By Aliaksandr Haurylau, Sr. Software Engineer, Head of Java Research & Development

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The R&D Journey within the Data Division

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, the Data Division stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity. At the heart of our division’s ethos is a vibrant R&D Function that fosters curiosity, collaboration, and continuous learning. Here, we explore the dynamic activities that propel us forward, inviting every member to contribute, learn, and indeed,… Continue reading The R&D Journey within the Data Division

By Maciej Bugdal, Data Division Manager

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Business Consultancy in Person

In a previous article, we introduced you to Product expertise in Consultancy. Today, we invite you to explore the details of a Product Owner/ Product Manager’s daily life in Consultancy. Join Palina Haidukevich, our expert at Godel, as she shares insights into the Consultant’s journey, highlighting both the day-to-day experiences and challenges faced in person. Can you… Continue reading Business Consultancy in Person

By Palina Haidukevich, Consultancy Expert, Lead BA

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Product Impact in Consultancy

When we developed our consultancy services at Godel, it became clear that having Product Management and Product Owner expertise is essential for nearly all the requests we currently receive. It all started with the involvement in technical requests and has evolved into a separate service under Product expertise. Let’s have a closer look at how… Continue reading Product Impact in Consultancy

By Natalli Krechick, Head of Consultancy in BA, Principal BA

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2024 Quality Management Predictions

Reflections and predictions on how Quality Management will evolve in 2024, by Dzmitry Mikhailouski, Head of QM at Godel Technologies. What are the biggest trends you have seen over the past year in Quality Management?  One of the key features that we have seen this year is the rise in artificial intelligence where we have seen… Continue reading 2024 Quality Management Predictions

By Dzmitry Mikhailouski, Head of QM

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