You can read the whitepaper, 8 Challenges of Building High Performing Software Engineering Teams, here.

Delivering software on time is a priority for companies all over the UK.

Making this happen is on the shoulders of software engineering teams – but velocity can only be achieved if the team is high-performing. There is no single recipe for building a world-class software engineering team – otherwise every company would follow the same model. Nonetheless, we can identify and understand several common challenges that tech leaders need to navigate whilst scaling software engineering in their company.

The eight challenges we have identified in this whitepaper have a lot of overlap with one another. Handling pressure on software teams, for example, requires high levels of trust at different organisational levels, as well as empowering factors that might also reduce attrition. From this we can identify one critical factor when it comes to building teams – wellbeing. In order to survive the challenges of delivering software quickly without sacrificing quality, teams need to be happy and motivated.

Godel builds high-performing software engineering teams that partner with UK companies to deliver mission-critical solutions. In each challenge identified in this whitepaper, we have combined research with our experience delivering software at a fast pace to assess the causes of each issue, and proven ways to solve them.