Reflections and predictions on how Quality Management will evolve in 2024, by Dzmitry Mikhailouski, Head of QM at Godel Technologies.

What are the biggest trends you have seen over the past year in Quality Management? 

One of the key features that we have seen this year is the rise in artificial intelligence where we have seen more integration in all areas of testing.

Another trend is not only for last year, it was the case two years ago it is still an active trend right now and will be the case in the next five years, and that is having soft skills. You can use soft skills to explain your expertise and show your value to our clients. If you can build a team and make a process workable for everyone, you will become a key member and a great person for any team. If you have great soft skills, we can teach you many technical skills with our expertise.

Has anything surprised you in your technology this year?

As you know, we have four roles in QM which are Quality Coach, QA, Test Architect and SDET. I think we will have the same requirements for all roles and the key value in this area will be to stay proficient now. If you are a professional let’s say in the world of QA, you will be popular in the market. I don’t believe in unicorns who can cover all activities in QM. The reason for this is that it’s difficult to merge roles. If you are great at quality management in manual QA activities, you won’t have enough time to be a great person in automation as well. The same idea applies if you are an automation tester. it’s really difficult to find someone ready to do all activities from both areas at the same great level.

What are your tech predictions for 2024? 

1. Artificial intelligence will continue to move into all areas of IT and as a result will be explored in QM.

2. I don’t believe in Unicorns but I think this request will continue to be asked due to high expectations in the market. But I believe for the best quality, roles in QM should stay separate.

3. Quality will continue in all popular areas of IT. Our developers are testing a lot of unstable code and unstable applications which will contain mistakes and errors. Our team from the QA area will have a lot of scope of work in 2024.