Reflections and predictions on how Data will evolve in 2023, by Siarhei Oshyn, Head of Data at Godel Technologies.

What are the biggest Data trends you have seen over the past year?

Data continues to help businesses to scale by providing insights into their operations, customers and market trends. By leveraging the data they collect, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and scale their operations effectively. Below, we highlight the most common trends in data we have seen over the past year:

  • Moving to the Cloud. More businesses want to have their infrastructure and data solutions in the Cloud like AWS or Azure
  • Multi-Cloud infrastructure. People no longer want to “put all their eggs in one basket” and prefer to get all advantages from every cloud provider. As a result, you get the best of both worlds with a hybrid data solution where various parts are deployed in different clouds. 
  • Forecasted Snowflakes. A data platform that can be deployed on different cloud providers has become exceedingly popular. We are finding that our clients are choosing Snowflake because this platform can cover all data engineering and analytics needs without using any other services, making it a desirable choice from the business investment perspective. 
  • Demand for data science is growing. Organisations are increasingly recognising the value of data-driven insights and decision making. The rise of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning has further fuelled the demand for data scientists who can extract insights and develop predictive models. 
  • Clients want universal working hands. The reason for this is the challenging climate. Everyone wants to optimise costs, therefore developers who can do business analysis on their own and at least support CI/CD solutions are in great demand. 
  • Cloud expertise is in demand. For many clients, Cloud is still seen as something new and not clear, so they expect serious expertise from developers to be calm about their data infrastructure. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly improve, and certification is one of the milestones. 

What should Data engineers do to stay ahead of the game?

Engineers should continue to speak, share experiences and knowledge. This will allow members of the team to learn about new trends in the world of data. It is also important for data engineers to develop soft skills and have the ability to not only take part in small talk for five-minutes about the weather, but also explain and convince why such a solution will give more profit for the customer. Success to stay ahead of the game in most cases is to plan, implement a routine and deliver a methodical approach.

What are your predictions for where Data is heading in 2023? 

  1. More Cloud and Hybrid solutions 

An increase in cloud and hybrid solutions is driven by the need for greater flexibility, scalability, and cost savings in IT infrastructure. We expect this to continue in the coming years as organisations embrace these technologies. 

  1. Data platforms will become more popular 

Data platforms will continue to gain popularity in the coming years. The increasing amount of data generated by individuals and businesses has made it imperative for organisations to effectively manage and utilise this data to drive insights and make informed decisions.