Once upon a time there was a lady who lived with 7 dwarfs in a magical place far far away. Now move your mouse pointer from the top right corner and carry on reading, we haven’t lost the plot stay with us. These 7 dwarfs have recently been teaching us two things. The first is that work should be fun, if you enjoy your job working as a part of a nearshore software team then your passion shines through and people love working with passionate people.

There are two types of people who are very important to us, the first are our customers the second, our employees. Clients choose to work with us for many reasons (thats another blog post) but one of the main reasons that they choose us is for our talent and expertise, our people. So we invest a lot of money and time into improving and evolving them – just like our clients who want to improve their software systems.

Training enables us to empower our employees, and to better serve our clients. 

There are many technical training courses and webinars that our staff attend, and there are also internal training sessions where our truly exceptional staff teach each other and share their experiences. At Godel, we don’t stop the training at technology, we are big on talking the talk and so it’s important to us that everyone in the company speaks fluent English.

At Godel, we understand that without successful communication, any engagement would be a disaster and so we have implemented numerous measures to ensure that there are no communication barriers.

So, this leads us to the second thing the dwarfs taught us recently. There are only so many Mancunian slang terms that we could teach the team, so we leave that to the professionals. We have 2 English teachers in our nearshore offices who work with the Godel team to ensure that everybody’s English is continually developed and improved.

Recently the Godel team read the Brothers Grimm original version of “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs” and once they had finished the book they took part in a show. This summarised the book for the students and also showed other employees what they had been reading about.

What do you get when a team of Godel developers; quality assurance and project managers all come together with a box of fancy dress? A great photo opportunity 🙂

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