Godel and iMeta have now been working collaboratively for a decade and will continue to do so as both companies continue to grow and scale. A decade of partnership is a huge milestone which both are delighted to have reached. Godel prides itself as a long-term software delivery partner to its clients, as opposed to a short-term supplier. iMeta’s Project Manager, Mark Greenway echoes this, saying, “We don’t see Godel s a partner. We see them more as part of our team – they are part of the iMeta team”.

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Founded in 2000, iMeta is a leading provider of data management and client lifecycle software and services.  The iMeta SSI platform is the market leader in enabling financial organisations to settle trades. When the company began to consider a software delivery partnership to accelerate their time to market, iMeta was keen to find people of a high calibre. Steve Piper, COO at iMeta, explained they needed, “…people who understand software that we can work with as an extension of our team.”.

Recently, the iMeta team have been working to automate the real-time verification of one of its financial services clients’ customer base. This brought in numerous new data integrations for iMeta, which has been a key component of Godel’s work. The Godel team delivered new custom workflows to consume this data, providing a verification process that works in real-time.

This is one example of how Godel supports iMeta in reacting quickly to support its customers needs. The reason behind success of the partnership’s agility is simply trust. Piper said, “It’s been running for over ten years now and there have been no real significant issues to overcome. It’s been based on trust and an open relationship from the start.” Greenway adds that the “consistency Godel has delivered across products” is also a main factor which has paved the way for a lasting relationship. Ultimately the partnership adds to a competitive edge for iMeta in its market.

Companies are often faced with the challenge of releasing new software features quickly, especially in ever-changing markets. Touching on this, Greenway says, “iMeta’s software delivery pace certainly is not slow. We develop products at a fast pace…one of the things we are constantly challenged with, is to deliver even more quickly. Godel is a key part of that delivery cycle.” Godel has enabled iMeta to reach its full potential by adding velocity to its release cycle, dynamically scaling delivery in line with the business’ needs. Greenway adds, “Typically at iMeta we have a lot of repeat business with customers. Godel is key to these relationships as well.”

At Godel, our top priority is to maintain our reputation for quality software delivery, especially as the company grows. Therefore, it is important that Godel teams form real relationships with clients. With iMeta, one of the key parts of this is not only aligning technically but sharing a working culture and values too. Canfor explains, “[We] were very impressed with Godel because their tech skills and their work ethics were very similar to ours as a company. We were very impressed by that. We felt from the outset that the relationship would work well, and it’s proved to work well for over ten years”.

It would be naïve to say that the partnership has been solely plain sailing over the past decade. However, by working collaboratively, with a common goal in mind and trust at the forefront, Godel and iMeta have found challenges easy to overcome. Undoubtedly, as a company grows, quality and the “personal touch” becomes more difficult to manage. Piper explains that it has been important for his business to see Godel manage its growth by retaining its values of honesty, trust and true partnership.

“The greatest achievement for the Godel team for me has been seeing how they manage their successful growth from where they were 10 years ago – how they’ve managed to keep that personal feel with their customers and the family feel within the organisation itself. I can honestly say that ​we feel as important to them as we always have done. Godel have gone on to win many bigger customers but it still feels like a very valued relationship which means a lot to us.”