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2020 Mobile Predictions.

Reflections and predictions on mobile technology’s past, present and future by Siarhei Adamenia, Head of Mobile at Godel Technologies.

1. What’s your perspective on the evolution of mobile technology since 2010?

I think the driver for the evolution in mobile over the last decade has been the shift in how we consume information – above anything, we want easily accessible and quickly digestible content, whether it’s in the workplace or for leisure.

Demand for mobile devices has dramatically increased due to the need to access information – and therefore a rise in services that make devices and content more affordable for people all around the world. It’s opened new opportunities for users by meeting their needs with a single device in their pocket. Nowadays mobile devices are an integral attribute of modern man.

2. What should mobile teams do to stay ahead of the game?

A mobile developer’s mindset should always be focused on the future because the technology is never really set in stone. Teams need to create applications that focus on customer experience as much as any other product development process. These people can offer companies access to their customers in entirely new ways via well-developed and integrated mobile applications, so their keeping up with the latest innovations is very important.

Mobile developers should be open to bringing new technologies to the table for their teams – VR/AR, machine learning and IoT integrations being great things to introduce. It’s up to developers and their teams to become involved with these things and get stuck in with different languages and platforms because they are the people who will pioneer mobile innovation in the next decade.

A global developer community is thriving right now – a lot of online communities gathering people worldwide, and flagship conferences take place all the time, all over the world, where developers can play around with new technologies. We need this community to grow, so people can see how innovations could change their business and life in general.

3. Your craziest 2020 prediction?

In the 2010s we’ve been very reliant on the mobile device itself. I think we’re at the point where other devices like wearables, IoT – begin to take precedent as the tools we use to engage with information. So perhaps, with the introduction of faster networks via 5G, improvements to voice recognition and the integration of IoT devices and new digital services in conjunction with our mobile devices into our daily lives, we’ll transition to a more natural digital experience than our total dependence on screens alone.

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