Developing great software is only part of the solution. It’s imperative that customer engagement and user journey definition is incorporated into the planning and discovery stages of the build of products and applications.


Godel recognises the importance of putting user engagement at the heart of software development. It could be the greatest software in the world, but if customers or your users don’t find it easy to navigate and can’t consume in the way they like, they won’t use it over and over again. We work alongside our clients to take a holistic look at their business to align software development with their goals for growth and ensure that we deliver software that helps to fuel market development and capitalise on a client’s competitive edge.

Digital Transformation

Ask any person about what their take on digital is and you will get a number of different responses. Digital in essence is a customer led approach, which aims for continuous improvement of customer or user processes, enhancing interaction, delivering value and increasing revenue.

Fundamentally though, digital is being looked upon as being integral to any organisations future strategic direction and as a topic has sponsorship from the most senior of business stakeholders.

Customer's expectations have shifted drastically within the digital landscape and as always, customers want more, faster, whilst organisations struggle to meet this expectation.

"We've always done it this way" is a motto that should be banned from every company, as constant analysis of the customer journey should be in place to identify any ways to improve the journey itself in order to create or maintain your business its competitive edge.


Enhance your capability

You may have products, applications or platforms that are 9/10ths of the way there, but needs finessing. You may want to start with a blank sheet of paper and create a new product for a new market, or you may simply be trying to fathom which interesting idea or trend is the one to focus on.

Whatever your development requirements, we can help put it into context and deliver it to your customers, fast. Creativity and speed is key to building your business and being first to market.

Our front-end, full stack and mobile developers have the experience to consult with you and deliver software that meets yours and your customers’ requirements, ultimately helping to increase your customer numbers and enhance their satisfaction.


Technical Expertise

Our teams are organised around the Microsoft, Java, and PHP stack of languages and associated technologies. Visit our technology pages to get a detailed understanding our of technical skills. If there is something specific you are looking for that we haven’t mentioned, please do contact us and ask. Given the pace of change in our industry, it’s an impossible task to keep this pages up to date!