Business Intelligence

As the competition for survival tightens its crucial to enable yourself to be able to eliminate waste and to be able to make more informed strategic decisions which can be done using a Business Intelligence solution.

Adapting to different environments has enabled us to build significant experience, not only in terms of our technical ability but also the methodologies we use to increase the quality and productivity of software development teams.

Leveraging exceptional BI resources

Our BI consultants have many years’ experience crossing multiple technologies and platforms; we have worked with some of the industry’s leading consultancy and product development companies on the development of BI software tools and leading BI platforms.

Industry leaders in big data, retail and health analytics, customer behavior intelligence and more have regularly whitelabled our consultants to deliver disruptive BI products to market.

Working alongside these companies whilst also having our consultants trained regularly ensures that our clients are able to leverage exceptional business intelligence skills from Godel for any business intelligence solution or product development mission.

Beginning by working with your product owner or business analysis team, we work with you to identify how each of your stakeholder groups or clients consume information. We then define and understand the key metrics involved within your industry and your aims and objectives.

After evaluating your environment and needs, we are then able to tailor a business intelligence solution or offer our BI development resource to aid you in the delivery of your business intelligence solutions or products.

Technical Expertise

Our teams are organised around the Microsoft, Java, and PHP stack of languages and associated technologies. Visit our technology pages to get a detailed understanding of our Business Intelligence skills. If there is something specific you are looking for that we haven’t mentioned, please do contact us and ask. Given the pace of change in our industry, it’s an impossible task to keep this pages up to date!