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We wanted to develop additional experience with a nearshore partner, Godel were a good choice for us and and we felt confident that we could bring them in and work with them effectively.

Trainline by Mark Holt, Chief Technology Officer

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We had concerns before we engaged. What would quality be like? How could we measure success? Very quickly we understood we were engaging with some very good development resource.

Boden by David Petronzio, Head of Development

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The Godel team are absolutely brilliant and the team really is one single team despite the fact we are based across two locations.

Feefo by James Mancz, Head of Software Development

Agile Delivery Process

Having developed and evolved a unique delivery approach, incorporating agile and nearshore delivery, we have vast experience in agile project deliveries of all shapes and sizes. We understand that its nigh on impossible to gather all requirements at the beginning of your project, requirements you have gathered at the beginning have a strange and annoying habit of changing and there will always be more to do than time and money will allow......

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We are on a mission to become the most respected nearshore software development company in Europe. Over the past few years we have experienced a 500% growth in staff and have been catapulted into being recognised as one of the fastest growing nearshore companies in the UK and within the Top 10 IT companies in Belarus. Discover why IT leaders continue to choose Godel…

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We feel that this is the most important factor in your decision making process. Does the culture of the partner you are considering fit in with your own internal culture? Discover more about the Godel family and how we embed ourselves successfully into your teams.
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Belarus is recognised as a talent capital for software development and quality assurance expertise. In leveraging the latest agile methodologies, vendor and open source technology and development tools, our teams maintain a comprehensive spectrum of technical skills and industry knowledge.
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